? RPG World Online
RPG World Online (RPGWO) is an online, multiplayer, persistent, role playing game.
It has old school graphics with modern, new school features.
RPGWO has been up and running since November 2000!!!

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V1/V2/V3 setup, updater and client 6 meg RPGWOsetup.zip
V6 setup, updater and client. 1 meg RPGWO6setup.zip

RPGWO Server V1.15
Includes exe and ini files plus client content files.
7.6 mb RPGWOServer115.zip
RPGWO Server V2
Includes exe and ini files.
1.3 mb server2.zip
RPGWO Server V3
Includes exe and ini files.
1.4 mb server3.zip
RPGWO Client V3
Includes media files only.
3.8 mb V3.Client.files.zip
Arc server and client files. 4.6 mb arc.zip
Restart Manager 7 kb RestartManager.zip

Last Man Standing (LMS) Scripts 4 kb LMS.zip
Rune Swap/Scrambler Tool 6 kb RuneSwap.zip
Shianne Gawd Scripts, includes Reveal Ore Example 2 kb shianneprayer.zip
Phantasy Maps 79 kb Phantasy-Maps.zip

Dungeon Fate Game 133 kb DungeonFateGame.zip
Dungeon Fate VB6 Source 33 kb DungeonFateSource.zip
Galactic Venture 643 kb gv.zip
Sandbox RPG 2.3 mb SandBoxRPG3.zip
Space Fold 4.8 mb SpaceFold.zip

COMCTL32 533 kb ComCtl32.zip